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Wedding Vendor Manager

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Keep all your vendor info in one place

From finding to hiring, the WeddingWire Vendor Manager makes it easy to manage (and remember) all of your vendor details.

Find your vendors

Check out photos, read reviews and easily get in touch with the ones you love.

Save your favorites

Quickly reference, contact, and hire your top-choice vendors.


Send messages

Ask potential vendors all the detailed questions you want to know.


Stay organized

See your vendor information all in one place and easily share with others who need to know as your day gets closer.


Let's get started

We've got all you need to get it done, and enjoy the journey.

Get started

After you set your budget, it’s time to start researching wedding vendors. From the venue and flowers, to catering and cake, there are a lot to keep track of. Our Wedding Vendor Manager helps you stay organized, and keeps your stress levels down.

Choose the vendors

When you research wedding vendors on our site, it’s easy to save your favorites—just click the heart icon next to the vendor’s name. You’ll be looking at photos and information from many different vendors, so our Wedding Vendor Manager makes it easy to go back to the ones you love.

Contact your favorites

Our Wedding Vendor Manager lets you quickly reference your top picks, and message them from anywhere. In line waiting for your morning coffee? Use the WeddingWire app to reach out to any of your vendors for the first time, or reply to a vendor you’ve already contacted.

Send your vendor list

It’s important that your venue and wedding planner have contact info for the vendors participating in your big day. Easily email, print or export your wedding vendor list to anyone who needs it. You’ll never have to scramble to pull the information together—everything will be in one spot!

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Plan on the go with the WeddingWire App

From venue tours to cake testing, take the WeddingWire app with you wherever you go.

Julianna, Mainne - 4/22/17

I have used WeddingWire for just about everything for our wedding. I made our website have start working on the seating plan, used the to do list, found vendors, and a lot more!
weddingwire wedding app on an iphone