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The wedding budget is often the most stressful part of wedding planning, but not anymore! Keeping your wedding spending organized is key, so it’s best to start early. Whether you’re deciding how to distribute your budget or keeping track of wedding payments, our unique budget tracker organizes everything in one spot. You can only find this free tracker on WeddingWire, and our template makes planning your wedding budget easy.

We’ll do the math

We’ll distribute amounts based on your total wedding budget, but you can customize numbers too. Setting the wedding budget can take some time, but once you nail it down, everything will fall into place. Having a specific wedding budget makes it easier to choose vendors, and it can also help determine how much to spend on your honeymoon.

Stay on track

Once you’ve decided on the wedding budget, you’ll need to keep track of your wedding expenses and wedding payments. We make it simple to add your own categories and line items to the wedding budget. Want a photo booth? Need sparklers? Just add it to the wedding budget. We know it’s easy to forget the wedding payment deadlines with so much going on, so you can integrate your budget with your Checklist to help take your stress level down a notch.

What's next?

Setting your wedding budget is just the beginning. Finding a venue, looking for wedding vendors, and creating a Guest List should be next on your Checklist. It’s best to have a Wedding Budget in place before you start it will help narrow down your options and make the wedding planning process smoother.

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Julianna, Mainne - 4/22/17

I have used WeddingWire for just about everything for our wedding. I made our website have start working on the seating plan, used the to do list, found vendors, and a lot more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your budget questions here.

Is your Wedding Budget planner free?
Yes, the WeddingWire Budget Planner Tool is 100% free.
What is a reasonable budget for a wedding?
Your wedding budget with vary significantly based on your location, guest count and your taste. Take a look at the WeddingWire Cost Guide to get an understanding of typical spend for each category and region combination.
How much does a 100 person wedding cost?
On average, couples spend $215 per guest which would be approximately $21,500 total for 100 guests. However, cost can vary greatly based on location and selection of ceremony and reception elements, favors and gifts or other decor items as well as types of vendors included.
How many people go over budget for a wedding?
Nearly 60% of couples increase their initial budget. While this is common, using our free Wedding Planning Tools can help you stay on track and realistically understand your budget!