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Stay ahead of every to-do with the WeddingWire Checklist

Tell us a little about your wedding and we'll create customizable tasks for every stage of your planning journey

Don't miss a thing

We'll help make sure you have everything you need to do organized in a manageable and easily digestible format. That way, you won't get overwhelmed and you'll know what's coming next!

Discover how to start

Discover where to begin and next step without missing any detail.


Track your progress

Easily see what tasks you've crossed off and what's left to do for your wedding.


Sync with your Budget

Your WeddingWire Budget integrates with your Wedding Checklist to ensure you never miss anything.


Let's get started

We've got all you need to get it done, and enjoy the journey.

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Planning a wedding has so many different moving parts — a written list isn’t going to cut it. So we created the ultimate digital Wedding Checklist. From booking the venue to going to the final wedding dress fitting, WeddingWire will keep everything in check

Access the list

One of the best features of our wedding planning Checklist is that you can access it from anywhere. Check off items on your cell phone, tablet or laptop, while keeping track of all your progress in one simple tool.

Personalize your to-dos

We’ve helped millions of couples plan weddings, so we know that everyone’s Checklists are different. That’s why WeddingWire gives you the ability to customize your wedding planning list. We’ll help you get started, but you can also add any item, at any time.

See how much is left

Tracking your progress is a cinch with our Wedding Checklist tool. We give you a clear picture of what’s next on your wedding list, how much is left, and how much you’ve completed. A successful wedding day depends on an organized, comprehensive Wedding Checklist — let us help you build one that will make the planning process easier.

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Plan on the go with the WeddingWire App

From venue tours to cake testing, take the WeddingWire app with you wherever you go.

Julianna, Mainne - 4/22/17

I have used WeddingWire for just about everything for our wedding. I made our website have start working on the seating plan, used the to do list, found vendors, and a lot more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Checklist tool? We've got you.

Is your Wedding Checklist free?
Yes, the WeddingWire Wedding Checklist is free (and easy) to use!
What do I need to put on my Wedding Checklist?
We'll help you with the default Checklist items. Not planning on something traditional? No problem—add or edit away to customize to your own wedding day.
Can I plan my entire wedding with your Wedding Checklist?
Yes! Our free Wedding Checklist helps make sure you know everything you need to do and works closely with our other planning tools so you can check everything off your list.
Does your Wedding Checklist include a timeline?
Yes, the WeddingWire Wedding Checklist includes how many months in advance you should complete each task.
Can I print my Wedding Checklist?
Yes! You can easily download or print your entire Wedding Checklist with the click of a button.