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Keep your guests and their details organized. WeddingWire's free Guest List makes RSVPs easy.

Wedding Guest List

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Get your wedding guest list done

Easily create your Guest List and keep your guest up to date and manage all details.

Guest details

Manage all details for all of your events, from RSVPs to meal selections.

Guest groups

Group your guests and organize tables.


RSVP updates

Stay in the know about who has confirmed and who still needs to respond.


Menu choices

Assign menu choices easily, whether your have dietary restrictions like celiac, vegan, children's food, etc.


Let's get started

We've got all you need to get it done, and enjoy the journey.

Get started

Creating your Wedding Guest List can be a daunting task, but our easy-to-use tool keeps everything in one spot. Start by adding all the wedding guests you’d like to attend, then build out the list from there with RSVP info, meal choices and more.

Stay organized

So, who made the cut? Once you add family and friends to the Wedding Guest List, you’re ready to add more info, like addresses, RSVPs and gifts. Because each guest comes with a lot of info, it’s important to keep everything organized. WeddingWire’s Wedding Guest List tool helps you do that, and it’s a total sanity-saver. You can even sort your Wedding Guest List by category with one click.

Hit "send"

When your wedding invites are ready to go, we make it easy to send addresses from your Wedding Guest List. Simply export them and email everything to your invitation provider, and check that task off your to-do list.

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Julianna, Mainne - 4/22/17

I have used WeddingWire for just about everything for our wedding. I made our website have start working on the seating plan, used the to do list, found vendors, and a lot more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding guest list questions? Here you go!

Is your Wedding Guest List free?
Yes, the WeddingWire Wedding Guest List tool is free!
How do you pick a wedding guest list?
You and your partner should each spend time creating a list of who you'd like to be there. For some couples, it's also important to consult family members for any additional VIP invites. Remember your Wedding Guest List has a big impact on your budget, so you may need to trim down the list.
How do I limit my wedding guest list?
Whether it's based on venue capacity, budget or other restrictions, many couples are faced with trimming their Guest List down. A good rule of thumb for some is only including those they've seen or talked to within the past year.
How do I make a wedding guest list?
It's easy to create a Wedding Guest List with our free planning tool that allows you to easily upload your list or add invitees individually. Have different invitees for each of your wedding events like your rehearsal dinner, brunch, bridal shower, etc.? No problem—you can manage each (including RSVPs) separately.