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Simply choose your favorite (free!) design and add your event details

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Simply choose your favorite (free!) design and add your event details.

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Start your Wedding Website, then get right back to celebrating your engagement! Your registry and website, together. It's simple

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Your Wedding Website allows your guests to submit RSVPs and meal selections, find and book accommodations and get other wedding details—all in one place.

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Personalize your website with a unique design that matches your wedding style! Plus, add your photos and other wedding details.

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One of the first steps in the wedding planning process is building a free Wedding Website on WeddingWire. We make it easy to include all your wedding information, and our designs are also customizable.

Design your website

You can build a Wedding Website that reflects your personality. Choose options based on color palette, style and invitation design, and create a custom backdrop with an engagement photo, personal artwork and more. These personal touches will bring your Wedding Website to life.

Lets us handle RSVPs

One of the best features of our free Wedding Website is that guests can RSVP directly on your website. No need to send out mail in cards or record your RSVPs by hand-we'll keep track of who will be at the big event.

Create your own URL

What is in a name? Everything! We want your Wedding Website URL to be personal-match it your wedding hashtag or just stick to your first names. Either way, you get to decide.

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Julianna, Mainne - 4/22/17

I have used WeddingWire for just about everything for our wedding. I made our website have start working on the seating plan, used the to do list, found vendors, and a lot more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Website questions? We're here to help.

How much does a Wedding Website cost?
Our Wedding Websites are free! Choose from beautiful designs and easily create your Wedding Website in minutes. Start by choosing your URL, adding all the details your guests need to know, and customizing with photos and more plans about your wedding day.
What should my Wedding Website contain?
You can add as much or as little detail as you'd like to your Wedding Website. The important thing is to answer who, what, when and where. It's helpful for wedding guests to access your linked wedding registry from your website as well as any relevant hotel information and maps. You can customize your pages with information about your wedding party, photos from your past, and ideas of what guests can do around town when they have downtime between celebrations.
What's the point of a Wedding Website?
You can share key information with your guests, like date and location details and your registry, as well as allow your guests to RSVP for your wedding through your Wedding Website. You can even collect answers to meal selections or other custom questions you need to know, all easily managed in your WeddingWire account.
How do I customize my Wedding Website URL?
You can enter a custom domain name for your Wedding Website and our system will check to make sure it's available and make it quick and easy for you to reserve it. When you're done, you can even choose to download all of your website content as a keepsake of your wedding day.
Do we need a Wedding Website?
A Wedding Website is a great way to communicate important details with your wedding guests. While it's not required in order to get married, we recommend having one easy destination with all this information that is simple for your guests to find and revisit leading up to your wedding day.
Can Wedding Websites be private?
You can choose to password protect your Wedding Website and remove it from search so that your guests need to know how to access it.